Top 10 Organic Makeup Brands

With a growing number of people waking up to the importance of cruelty-free processing techniques and the significance of organic products, many organic makeup brands have arrived on the market. In fact, the choices are so many that it can get overwhelming for you to decide on one particular brand. To help you out with that, this article will introduce you to ten of the best organic makeup brands available today.

What Is Organic Makeup?

Organic makeup is essentially a cosmetic product that is made entirely from natural, non-synthetic ingredients. There are different degrees of organic cosmetics, and the best ones are cruelty-free, do not source their ingredients from animals, do not test their products on animals, and are free from gluten, soy, egg, and talc, among others. Organic makeup delivers the same results as regular cosmetic products. The advantage they offer is that they are not harmful to the skin, unlike synthetic cosmetics.

How to Tell If Your Makeup Is Organic

It can be challenging to tell the difference between certified organic cosmetics and regular, synthetic makeup products. However, some indicators and tips can help you identify natural cosmetics. Here are some such ways to do it:

  • Look for the organic seal
  • Read the label to identify synthetic ingredients
  • Keep yourself aware of imposters
  • Look up the company’s website and read about how they source their ingredient


Knowing about the many organic makeup brands out there can make it easier for you to go natural. In this vein, here are top brands that develop organic makeup products.


Kjaer Weis

Luxury makeup meets organic sustainability under the banner of Kjaer Weis. All the ingredients that the brand uses to develop its beauty products are certified to be organic and natural. They have been studied and analyzed to ensure that they work with the skin, not against it. Each batch of products is inspected thoroughly by hand, and every product is free of paraben, silicones, petrochemical emulsifiers and synthetic fragrances. The brand has organic cosmetics for the face, cheeks, lips, eyes, and skin.


ILIA Beauty

Founded on the idea of simplicity and transparency, ILIA Beauty is the quintessential example of revisiting your roots to find the ingredients that make up organic cosmetics. The brand uses bioactive ingredients to develop each organic makeup product. Even their packaging is eco-friendly as it uses recycled aluminum and post-consumer recycled paper printed with vegetable-based dyes. ILIA Beauty offers makeup for the face, lips, and the eyes, and even has a line of multipurpose sticks that can be used on the cheeks, lips, and eyes.



Lawless cosmetics are made using a multitude of natural ingredients, none of which have been linked to cancer or endocrine problems. The products are not tested on animals and are free from sulfates, paraben, phthalates, arsenic, even talc, synthetic fragrance, and mineral oil. With a limited range of products that include liquid lipstick, talc-free loose setting powder, and flawless finish foundation, Lawless is keen on ensuring that none of the products you put on your skin are toxic to the body.



Kosas offers a range of lipsticks, cream and powder blush, and foundation available in warm and cool colors. This organic makeup brand only chooses ingredients that deliver on two fronts. First, they need to provide extreme nourishment, and second, they need to reflect supreme luxury. One look at the products offered will convince you that so far, all the ingredients used have ticked both the boxes. Lastly, the products in the Kosas range of cosmetics are also Leaping Bunny certified and free from cruelty, gluten, soy, egg, and nut.


Hynt Beauty

Hynt Beauty offers some of the most visually stunning products that are packaged very well. The interior is as good as (if not better than) the exterior. The ingredients are primarily vegan, and the brand takes as much care about what to include in their products as they do about what not to include. Hynt offers an impressive range of top-class lipsticks, eyeshadows, primers, foundations, and mascaras. Among these products is their award-winning Peonies Please Aria lipstick, which is a popular favorite.


Au Naturale

Developed to make the skin feel as free and wholesome as it does when you have no makeup on, Au Natural cosmetics use ingredients that are all natural and ethically sourced. The motive behind the brand is to use components that are all healthy for the skin and to develop a healthy alternative to every product in the ordinary beauty routine. And true to their goal, you can find just about any product on their range of cosmetics, right from foundations, concealers, correctors, and powders to a variety of eye and lip makeup.


With no less than eight certifications to verify the authenticity and naturalness of their cosmetics, Zuii Organic is as organic as it gets. With ingredients sourced from plants like carrot seed oil, sunflower oil, rose oil, chamomile extracts, rosebuds, and aloe vera, this brand has developed a range of all-natural cosmetics that include organic makeup products for the face, eyes, lips, and cheeks. Even the floral scents that the products give off are natural and not synthetic.


Gabriel Cosmetics

Certified by Leaping Bunny as cruelty-free, Gabriel Cosmetics offers a comprehensive range of organic makeup products for women and kids. The brand which had humble beginnings as a botanical skincare company has now evolved into a premium beauty and skin care manufacturer that includes three lines of products: Gabriel, Zuzu Luxe, and Clean Kids. The products in all the three lines are vegan and contain no synthetic chemicals, animal by-products, gluten, or lead.


Ecco Bella

Ecco Bella’s range of organic cosmetics is an eye-opener. Unlike most other synthetically created makeup and body care products, Ecco Bella’s creations contain no plastic microbeads. The products are also manufactured on the principle of being compassionate to all living beings. This means that the organic makeup products offered by Ecco Bella do not contain slaughterhouse byproducts like collagen, stearic acid, elastin, and tallow. The brand also gives back to the planet through their annual tree plantation initiative.


RMS Beauty

On the surface, RMS Beauty may seem to be the same as every other organic makeup brand out there. But when you inspect, you’ll see that they strive harder to ensure that the products you put on your skin are pure and harmless get. The products are all gluten-free, GMO-free, soy-free, and nano-free, and are not tested on animals. Even the packaging isn’t plastic; it’s recyclable glass with a lid made from recyclable aluminum. As for the cosmetics themselves, they’re of premium quality and are safe for your skin.




Most of the brands listed above have a comprehensive range of organic makeup to choose from. If you’re only just making the switch from synthetic to organic products, take your time and try out the cosmetics from various organic brands to figure out which ones suit your skin the best. If you find you’re more comfortable with eye makeup from one brand, a foundation from another, and lipsticks from a third, you could always put together your own assorted organic cosmetic kit.


Source: idea hacks