The 11 Best Natural and Organic Deodorants That Actually Work

If the thought of swapping out your go-to antiperspirant for an all-natural version makes you perspire, take a breath. Antiperspirants, which are classified as over-the-counter drugs, inhibit a normal bodily function (i.e. the formation of sweat) due to their active ingredient, aluminum salts. Natural deodorants, on the other hand, are typically made without aluminum and designed to keep you smelling fresh — for hours on end — thanks to bacteria-sopping ingredients, like baking soda. So, yes, you may still sweat a bit after swiping on your favorite aluminum-free formula (because, again, deodorant doesn’t equal antiperspirant), but no, you shouldn’t smell sour after going green. To prove it, we’ve rounded up a new crop of natural deos that are formulated to keep you smelling great and feeling even better (thanks to your newfound confidence). Below, 11 of our new favorites.