7 Best Organic Protein Powders to Buy in 2019

Fuel your workout with these top-rated picks.

There are many contenders vying for the title of best overall organic protein powder, but one of the best is Less Naked’s whey protein powder. Made from whey produced by grass-fed cattle and coming in five flavors, including strawberry, or matcha, Less Naked Whey Powder is very simple. For example, the only ingredients in the Chocolate Whey Powder are whey protein, organic chocolate, and organic coconut sugar. In addition to being organic, Less Naked is also gluten-, soy-, and GMO-free.

Additionally, this whey powder has a massive 25 grams of protein per serving, which Less Naked recommends for use after the gym, in water or in baked goods.

Natural Force’s organic whey protein powder promotes itself for a great taste. And while the cacao, vanilla, or coffee whey powder may taste great, organic-minded consumers will be happier about the USDA certification and short ingredient list. Natural Force Organic Whey Protein Powder only has four ingredients and features whey from free-range, grass-fed cattle in California.

Note that Natural Force can be used in smoothies or with water, and it packs 20 grams of protein into each serving.

One of the best organic protein powders for athletes and active gym-goers — Orgain Organic Protein Powder — just happens to also be plant-based. Available in a range of sizes and in 10 flavors including cookies and cream or chocolate fudge, this USDA organic powder is only made from plants.

Orgain produces a gluten-free, soy-free, GMO-free, vegan, and kosher protein powder that delivers 21 grams of protein per scoop as well as 5 grams of fiber. The powder blend includes protein from peas, brown rice, and chia seeds. Orgain recommends using this protein with almond milk or water.

Although the plant-based Orgain Organic Protein Powder is also vegan-friendly, Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Vegan Protein Powder might give the product a run for its money in the “best vegan powder” category. This USDA organic protein powder is made completely of plant proteins including pea, brown rice, and sacha inchi as well as grains such as millet and quinoa.

Optimum Nutrition recommends having its protein powder with water or almond milk as part of a protein-rich diet. Each scoop of any this organic protein powder’s tasty 22 flavors will deliver 24 grams of protein.

Take a peek at some of the other best vegan protein powders you can buy.

Working to develop lean muscle requires the duel-pronged attack of diet and exercise. One of the popular dietary options for a protein-rich diet is the paleo or caveman diet, focused on prehistoric whole foods. While many who follow the paleo diet simply use whey protein, others opt for bone broth or egg-based organic protein powder.

One of the top egg-based protein powders come from Paleo Thin. Availible in 11 flavors, this powder delivers 20 grams of protein per serving. This non-GMO food only contains egg white powder, probiotics, sunflower lecithin, and flavoring. Paleo Thin recommends mixing its protein powder with water for consumption. It is soy-free and comes from US farms.

Bone Broth Powder sells a protein powder option that is made from concentrated bone broth from grass-fed cattle. This powder features very few ingredients except for bone broth and flavoring, but this requires users to uses an immersion or traditional blender for mixing. Each serving features 19 grams of protein and is rich in collagen. The product has great reviews and is sold in either chocolate or vanilla flavors. This dairy-free protein powder option may work better than whey for some.

The organic protein powder from Purely Inspired gives gym rats and weightlifters a large and affordable quantity of plant-based protein with ease. The popular protein powder is made with brown rice and pea proteins and is gluten-free, USDA certified, vegan, and non-GMO.

Each serving of Purely Inspired Organic Protein Powder contains 20 grams of protein, and 7 grams of fiber. Reviewers praise this product as a great way to get more fiber and protein into one’s body without extra additives common in some pre-made shakes. This protein comes in two flavors and can be enjoyed on its own or, as Purely Inspired recommends, in a smoothie.

Source: Very Well Fit