5 Best Organic Lipstick Brands You Can Try Today

Are you fed up of all those chemical-based lipstick brands out there? How about laying your hands on those brands that are totally organic? If that is what you want, then look no further.

Here, we have ten organic lipstick brands that you can consider the next time you go shopping. Would you like to know what they are? Read on!

Why Organic Cosmetics:

A girl’s makeup box is filled with a variety of cosmetics suited to every occasion. However, each one of these is a potential hazard as it is a store house of chemicals. Unfortunately, there is no regulatory framework that effectively controls what chemicals go into the making of these products (1). Ingredient like paraben, sulphate, phthalate, triclosan and others, are unsafe to consume. As a lipstick inevitably finds its way onto the lips, a naturally made organic lipstick brand would be a great way to look pretty without feeling bad.

Here are ten brands of organic lipsticks that you can look out for.

1. Ecco Bella:


This is one of the ‘most organic’ lipstick brands of all. Cosmetics from Ecco Bella brand are free from gluten, dyes and preservatives. Available especially to moisturize the lips like a lip balm, the brand’s lipsticks are safe and clean.

2. Jane Iredale Lip Fixation:


Jane Iredale Lip Fixation is two products in one. It is both a lip gloss and a lip stain in complementary colors. These lipsticks last longer than others due to their dual nature, all at no cost to your health.

3. Gabriel Lipstick:

Gabriel Lipstick is a cruelty-free brand, a brand that has a wide range of natural makeup products. All Gabriel cosmetics contain healing ingredients, making them a great option for the next purchase. The lipsticks are smooth and the colors varied.

4. Hemp Organics Rose Petal Lipstick:


The Hemp Organics lipstick is made with ingredients certified as 95% organic. Moreover, the product has no petrochemicals, and also has a very low hazard rating. The Rose Petal lipstick has a luscious hue with a slightly matte finish.

5. W3ll People Nudist Colorbalm Stick:


W3ll People offers soothing lip balms in wonderful colors that spice up your lips without harming them in any way. The Nudist Colorbalm Stick protects the lips with its rich content of organic omega oils and aloe.

Source: Style Craze.com